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Gunthal, France  ->>

Gunthal, France ->>
Mr. Tang has been preparing me for HSK 5 test. He is a very encouraging teacher and has provided me with lots of suitable exercises and learning material. I feel my Chinese, especially vovabulary and writing skills, have improved a lot under his coaching. I could have learned a little more reading, especially reading under time pressure, before my test. But, of course, reading is a skill one should and could pratise at home. All in all I am very grateful for Mr. Tang's guidance and I can recommend him to other students in advance Chinese.

The Bridge School is a great place

The Bridge School is a great place
The Bridge School is a great place to get to know Chinese culture and to learn Chinese.They offer plenty of activities for an even profounder knowledge.The atmosphere is professional and at the same time relaxed.

Recommendation for Bridge School, Beijing

Recommendation for Bridge School, Beijing

Heik and family, Germany -->>

Heik and family, Germany -->>
All members of our family learn Chinese at The Bridge School.We would like to say many thanks to The Bridge School for the excellent teachers, Jenny Tan and Kun. They always are very competent, patient, friendly and very helpful.We like the flexibility of taking class regarding special topics and time.Until now we have learned a lot about Chinese language and culture and we hope we will improve our skills in the next month and learn more and more.

Yy teacher came to help me

Yy teacher came to help me
Whenever I met with difficulties, my teacher came to help me. I could learn Chinese as well as make friends at The Bridge School. It`s helpful for foreigners who live abroad. 我每天带着问题来学校,老师总是帮我解决,我们很高兴来这里,在这里我不仅学会了汉语,还结识了很多新朋友,这对于身处异国他乡的来说很重要。

I enjoy studying here

I enjoy studying here
I enjoy studying here. Interesting activities are encouraged, especially those that connect us to the daily-life situations. Each student feels a part of welcoming environment. My Chinese has improved dramatically with the help of them. 和桥学校老师一起学习汉语,是一件愉快的事情;我们的汉语是在愉快的气氛中学习的;在桥学校老师的陪伴下,我的汉语不断的在进步。

Lucice Graew ->>

Lucice Graew ->>
If you want to learn Chinese you should definately go to the Bridge School. In the Beginging i was afraid how it will be to learn this difficult language.But the teachers are excellent and they use different ways to bring the Chinese language closer to you. I recommend a group lesson becuase you can practice a lot and at the same time you have fun learning. Ater 50 hours I am able to communicate and speak with Chinese people in the daily lift. Apart from school teacher took it as her pleasure to show us around Beijing. introduce us the Chinese culture and tradition and went shopping with us. Of Course we tried to speak Chinese very time we met. The private lesson also have high a quality. Besides the environment is nice and friendly and the location is beautiful. I really enjoyed amd the location is beautiful. I really enjoyed learning Chinese speaking time with my teacher and group.

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lesson6:不如 (bùrú) can be used to make comparisons in a similar way as the 比 structure.

不如 (bùrú) can be used to make comparisons in a similar way as the structure. In its simplest form 不如 is used to convey that A is 'not as good as' B. Unlike the structure, when used in this way, the adjective or verb can be omitted.

Simple form

Basic StructureA + 不如 + B
Wǒ ɡǎnjuékàn diànyǐnɡ bùrú kàn diànshìjù.
I think that watching movies isn't as good as watching TV dramas.

Zhèjiānɡ rén tèbié huì zuò shēnɡyi, lián ɡuǎnɡdōnɡ rén dōubùrútāmen!
People from Zhejiang can really do business, even people from Guangdong aren't as good as they are!

Complex form
When an adjective or verb is added to the structure it can then be used to mean A is not as 'adjective' as B, or A does not 'verb' as well as B:
Basic Structure
A (verb) + 不如 + B + adjective/verb
wǒ bù rú yáo mínɡ ɡāo

I am not as tall as Yao Ming.

chénɡ shì de shēnɡ huó huán jìnɡ bù rú xiānɡ xiɑ shū fu

The city life environment isn't as comfortable as the countryside.

不如 as an adverb
Basic Structure 不如 + Verb/[verb phrase]
When facing a choice,
不如 can also be used to mean "might as well" to emphasize the choice is the better of two options. When used like this, it is similar in meaning to 不妨.
jì rán yǐ jīnɡ zuò le yí bàn le

nǐ bù rú jiān chí xià qu

You've already done half of it, might as well keep going.

yǔ qí kōnɡ xiǎnɡ
bù rú mǎ shànɡ xínɡ dònɡ
zuò chū dián ér chénɡ jì

Rather than fantasizing, might as well take action right away. Achieve something.

As in the last example sentence,
不如 often occurs in the 与其...不如 structure, meaning "rather than X... might as well Y".


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